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Experience the dynamic power of SMASH, your supercharged all inclusive business suite.
Skyrocket sales with limitless connections, seamless
integration, and meteoric exposure.
Your success is our business.Our single-minded objective, is
to elevate your presence, leverage your valuable time and make your
overall success both simple and empowering.

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

Powerful 'Smart'CRM

Automated Connections 


  • Contact Manager

    Our one-of-a-kind 'Smart' Contact Manager is designed to
    make your job easier. Programmed to collect valuable data from visitors
    including unique information such as birthdays and anniversaries, simply
    connect or add your contacts basic information and watch our 'Smart'
    system go to work. Register Now Demo

  • Integrated Calendar

    The SMASH Calendar is your one-stop center for coordinating
    all appointments and meetings. This extraordinary calendar system
    provides reminders, notices and meeting follow-ups handled for you by
    your SMASH Video Personal Assistant. For additional convenience, create
    multiple calendars, share them, and open up appointment slots on your
    shared calendar. Register Now Demo

  • Social Media Buzz Wall And Hub

    >Displayed on your unique URL SMASH Profile, the SMASH
    Buzz Wall allows visitors to view your most recent Social Media post
    activity. When people see this high traffic chatter, they will naturally
    perceive you as a leader, and be compelled to seek out information
    about you and your business. Accessible from your SMASH Dashboard, this
    centralized hub, you can manage all your social media marketing without
    it consuming your day. Enhanced with a single click broadcast feature as
    well as pre-scheduling posting option, the SMASH Social Media Hub will
    allow you to transform social media into an endless lead generating
    machine. Register NowDemo

  • Campaign Manager

    Dramatically improve your
    marketing efficiency and effectiveness with the SMASH Campaign Manager.
    This powerful and comprehensive contact companion facilitates innovative
    and automated outreach and follow- up. This innovative tool synthesizes
    and integrates your Video Email marketing campaigns under one . Register Now Demo

  • SEO Marketing

    You can find a lot of articles around on the internet that
    offer ideas on how to raise your SEO rankings. Most are hard work and
    offer fewer results. With SMASH, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has
    never been easier. Our SMASH tools create continual back linking which
    in turn organically raises a user's search engine ranking. Register Now Demo

  • Video Conference & Video Email

    Elevate your marketing efforts through the power of video.
    Video elicits a dynamic emotional response creating the perfect mindset
    to compel a prospect to take action. Facilitate global communication and
    speak with your prospect face to face in an instant. With the SMASH
    Video Conference Hot-Link feature, the world is instantly at your
    virtual doorstep with a click of the mouse. Register Now Demo

  • Personal Virtual Assistant

    The fortune is in the follow-up! With SMASH, follow up
    becomes automated through a series of pre-recorded video emails
    triggered and sent to prospects for you. A selection of Automated
    Personal Virtual Assistant Campaigns are available to you including
    Special Occasions, Social Media, Networker Drip, and Biz-Op Drip
    Campaigns. Simply stated, you will save countless hours of work and
    never miss a follow up or birthday again with your SMASH Personal
    Virtual Assistant. Register Now Demo

  • Marketing Analytics

    With SMASH Marketing Analytics, measure, manage and analyze
    marketing performance to optimize effectiveness and quickly adapt to
    the interests of your target market. With nearly 75% of the population
    now online, it is critical to fine tune your marketing focus to stay
    competitive. Our Marketing Analytics feature offers the ability to do
    just that. With analytics integrated seamlessly throughout the SMASH
    Hub, you will experience improved accuracy while saving time and money. Register Now Demo

  • SMASH Clicking

    Click your way to CASH! The SMASH Advertising Network is
    targeted, extensive and robust. Based on this, we have many clients that
    turn to us to advertise their business for pennies on the dollar and
    draw visitors to their site to raise their SEO rankings. As a SMASH
    Independent Business Owner, you reap the rewards from this program with
    our SMASH Clicking feature. Become the driving force behind building
    traffic by earning for viewing our clients websites. You earn, their
    SEO increases, it's a match made in heaven. Register Now Demo

  • SMASH Cash

    Skyrocket your prospecting power with the SMASH Cash give
    away feature! Each Independent Business Owner (IBO) is furnished with
    unlimited $25 SMASH Cash gift certificates, redeemable for advertising
    on our powerful and robust network. This, coupled with our
    complimentary, feature rich SMASH business hub, will empower you to draw
    thousands of new prospects to you with ease. SMASH Cash is also
    provided monthly to IBO's with upgraded packages for advertising their
    business, drawing visitors and increasing their personal SEO status! Register Now Demo

  • SMASH Toolbar

    Our SMASH Toolbar is your prospect's portal to your unique
    business presence. The portability of this remarkable business hub
    allows you to attach your personalized SMASH Bar to all websites, blogs
    splash pages and emails to easily introduce people to you and your
    business. Your visitors can easily view your profile, media, blogs and
    even chat with you from this powerful unique tool. Virally populate your
    message across the internet! Register NowDemo

  • Automated Contact Notes

    This feature is truly innovative. Enjoy the convenience of
    verbally dictating your meeting notes directly into your SMASH system
    and having them quickly and accurately transcribed by our highly
    qualified support staff. Notes are then conveniently attached to all
    relevant files for each contact where they are easily accessible
    whenever you need them. Register Now Demo

  • Media Room

    Take charge of how your prospect learns about you and your
    business. Upload and create specific media for your visitors using the
    SMASH Media Room. Lead your visitors to 'Take the Tour' and experience
    the precise videos, images and documents you want them to see. Our media
    room is available for all to tour from your personal SMASH Profile
    unique URL. Register Now Demo

  • Online Automated Training

    Our unique Online Automated Training Room offers very
    remarkable features. Use it to complete simple and short SMASH
    tutorials, then easily turn it into a private training room for your
    company. With this key SMASH feature, company leaders can easily
    duplicate company knowledge and upload all their training material in
    one spot. Helping to keep all of their team members on the same page.
    Cash in on this feature by partnering with SMASH, to earn up to 15%
    commission on two levels when monetized training courses are purchased
    by SMASH IBOs. Register Now Demo

  • 'Specials' Posting

    Everybody loves a special offer! Entice prospects to take
    advantage of any promo your company is offering. Post monthly bonuses or
    contests for your team with SMASH 'Specials' feature. Register Now Demo

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