Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Btc Price prediction and a free Bitcoin Signal indicator Download

Hi Bitcoiners,

Q: What is your prediction for Bitcoin price movements?
The prediction is that bullish trend continues. The price is holding above the midpoint ($ 640) of the last rally and it is moving upward. There will be probably a correction before moving above the all time high at $1160, that correction could be a nice buying opportunity for who is looking for a good moment to buy. See the green arrow for possible signal

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5. What is this cool indicator you are always using to predict prices so accurately? Can I download it?

Yes, that is called Bitcoin Signals indicator by Fapturbo2.0. You can download it for free here
It works on Metatrader4. Green arrows = BUY, Red = Sell. Very easy and accurate predictions.

As usual we'll keep you informed about future updates and price moves!
Your BTC Team

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