Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Rich Get Richer?

In the past month the price of bitcoin went from 98 usd to 140 usd, reversed back to 125 usd and now climbs again..

And my account was in profit when he value was small.. was in profit when the value was high.. and is still in profit now and growing :)

Here is the secret:
 20-100% A Month? Possible But NOT With Forex

Because... the bitcoin robot works as a deposit protector.. It manages your portfolio (BTC+USD) perfectly.

Unlike Forex when the value of your positions goes south you sit and hold and eventually incurs a margin call...

The bitcoin robot sells your positions quickly and re-buys them when the situation looks better..

You can never EVER lose your deposit like with any forex robot or strategy :)

Here is a screenshot how the robot went through price fluctuations

As you can see even when the bubble of bitocin was over 200 usd and fell.. the robot kept staying strong..

So forget mt4 and start trading with the bitocin robot.. its safe its WAAAAAY easier and its setup in 5 minutes..

Download insider system better than Forex?

The earlier the better , really..

Enough of the metatrader mumbo jumbo :)


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