Thursday, September 5, 2013

Real-time crypto-currencies trading platform

TaurusBit is a crypto-currencies trading platform based in the EU. Using cutting-edge technologies we built a real-time efficient interface.

TaurusBit are currently in open BETA. When you signup your account will be credited with virtual BTC or USD/EUR so you can start trading to get familiar with our platform.


 Fees. The lowest fees in the market.
TaurusBit offers simple, deep discounted trades — commissions are as low as 0.40% and a maximum of $10.00 per trade!

Generous Affiliate Program. Start earning today.
With TaurusBit, you can earn money simply referring your friends or family to our platform.

Whenever someone signs up using your affiliate link, you'll get 20% of their trade commissions. 

Application Program Interface. Automated Trading.
Using the Application Program Interface, you will be able to:
  • Check your available balance
  • Make/cancel an order
  • Fetch your order history
  • ... and more!



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