Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Earn free Bitcoins on BTC Clicks

BTC Clicks is a PTC website made from the ground-up to perfectly fit bitcoin usage.
BTC Clicks use a slightly different system than other paid to click services where each member gets to pay for a membership which also lands him/her an ad on BTC Clicks ads page.

BTC Clicks

What is BTC Clicks?
BTC Clicks is an advertising platform where advertisers can receive high quality targeted traffic and members can earn bitcoins to view these ads.

It is unique kind of paid to click (PTC) website where you are required to pay for an advertisement, making you an active member, before you are able to earn bitcoins by clicking other ads. However, you do not need to pay for an advertisement to earn bitcoins.

You can refer other members to BTC Clicks and you will earn bitcoins for each ad they click, but the amount you earn will be only half of what you would earn if you were an active member.

If you have not broken even from a membership due to insuficient ads, your membership will be extended for the 3 days. This means that purchasing a membership is risk-free.

Advertiser rates are quite competitive at 0.00001 BTC CPC for 10 second ads and 0.0001 BTC CPC for 30 second ads.

Come visit the website and take a look for yourself.


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