Friday, August 16, 2013

Bit By Bit Infographic

Bit By Bit

Bit By Bit

Though once a rarely understood and even more rarely used form of currency, the use of bitcoins exploded this year: Since bitcoins were first issued in 2009, the value of all coins in circulation has increased eightfold to $1.1 billion. Let's explore what they're worth and how they're being used.
How Many Are Out There

Total bitcoins in circulation
50 in January 2009
11.3 million in June 2013

Where They Are Being Used
Total 2013 downloads of Bitcoin software per million population:

Canada 1,498
Australia 1,429
UK 1,202
U.S. 1,113
Germany 778
Poland 686
Spain 556
Ukraine 417
Romania 411
Russia 407
France 339
Italy 275
Argentina 242
Taiwan 176
China 134
South Africa 106
Brazil 92
Mexico 62
Colombia 59
Turkey 55
South Korea 47
Japan 33
Indonesia 12
India 9

How Much Are They Worth?
Exchange rate for one bitcoin:

U.S. dollar 111.91
Euro 86.80
Australian dollar 117.23
British pound 73.25
Yen 11405.26
Polish zloty 367
Canadian dollar 116
Swiss Franc 115.2
Russian ruble 3910
Swedish krona 789.65

Biggest Heists in Bitcoin History
Thousands of bitcoins have been lost to theft over the years. Here are the top incidents and number of bitcoins lost:

Bitcoin Savings and Trust 200,000
MyBitcoin Theft 79,000
Linode Hacks 46,000
July 2012 Bitcoinica Theft 40,000
May 2012 Bitcoinica Hack 18,000
Allinvain Theft 25,000
Bitfloor Theft 24,000
Tony Silk Road Scam 20,000 Loss 17,000
Bitcoin7 Hack 11,000



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