Monday, August 12, 2013

Free Bitcoin Gifts & Prize

24 hours until the world`s first working bitcoin robot is unveiled and it`s gifts and prizes time!

Free Platinum Bitcoin Robot Prize Giveaway

The devs uploaded a recap of the last days including a free Bitcoin ebook to learn some manual trading secrets plus a form to participate in a free giveaway of 20 trading licenses..

Over 30,000 people are in the draw so to be honest the chances are quite small to get a license, but still .. nothing to lose, no strings attached..

Free Bitcoin Gifts & Prizes
24 hours left until the doors open and we see the robot in action for the first time. There will be a cool video showcasing how the bitocin robot makes money... so after all the talk of this new niche il be intresting to see how it really works underneath the shiny hood right?

Read more about the Bitcoin Robot Contest here: Free Platinum Bitcoin Robot Prize Giveaway
Can`t wait,

Tweuropa Marketing

PS: you might want to be there early 9 am est tomorrow! the hype surrounding this robot is immense.. just google btc robot .. crazy :)

Don`t want you to miss out.


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