Sunday, May 12, 2013

Work For Bitcoin

Work For Bitcoin bring together workers and employers for jobs that are paid with Bitcoin.

 How can I offer jobs? How can I work for Bitcoin?
WorkForBitcoin offers a job board that can be used by employers to offer jobs for a specific price. Potential workers can bid on those jobs. Once all details have been clarified the employer can assign the job to a worker who has to accept this assignment.


Once the job has been completed by the worker, employer and worker confirm that the job has been completed and the employer pays the worker. At the end employer and worker rate each other.
For larger amounts of money WorkForBitcoin  recommend an escrow service. The escrow service makes sure that the money is available and reserved for the worker, so that the worker gets automatically paid when the job has been completed.

Why WorkForBitcoin?
There are many reasons to use WorkForBitcoin. WorkForBitcoin is fast, secure, anonymous, international, and free.
  • WorkForBitcoin is fast because you can offer a job, get it done and paid withing a few hours. That is why WorkForBitcoin is a great solution for micro jobs.
  • WorkForBitcoin is secure and anonymous as neither WorkForBitcoin nor the payment method requires you to reveal your identity. Moreover, Bitcoin payments are cryptographically secured, which is one of the large benefits of Bitcoins.
  • WorkForBitcoin is international because Bitcoins can be transferred across countries without any fee.
WorkForBitcoin is free because that is what we want it to be.


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