Friday, May 24, 2013

Amazon shopping with Bitcoins

Introducing, a web store that accepts bitcoins as payment for thousands of products. 
BTCZone offer a large subset of products available through Amazon. 

On BTCZone's site you can search for products by name or enter Amazon's ASIN number directly, add your products of interest to our shopping cart and go through a simple checkout process.


BTCZone's mission is to provide its clients with a way to easily and conveniently shop with Bitcoins. The site is still in development stage, so, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

How do I buy through your site?
Go to home page, search for a product and add it to the shopping cart. Once you are done adding items, checkout, enter your information and transfer BTC to the address sent to you in the confirmation email within time period specified. Once your bitcoin transaction is confirmed we will ship your order.

What if I can't find what I'm searching for?
You can go to Amazon directly and search for your product, then copy its entire name or ASIN and enter it into our search box. If you experience difficulties finding a product you want, please contact BTCZone directly and BTCZone will try to accomodate your request.

Do you provide free shipping?
BTCZone run free shipping promotions every once in a while, check the home page.

Where do you ship to?
Currently BTCZone only ship to 48 continental United States.


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