Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bitcoin Pyramid Ads

Bitcoin Pyramid Ads is an unusual service for displaying paid ads. You do not pay per month, per click, per impression. You pay for increasing or decreasing the chances of ad to be displayed.
All the received money go to random Bitcoin Pyramid members. 

Bitcoin Pyramid

Bitcoin Pyramid Features  
  • Flexible membership fee (you can start with 0 btc!)
  • Passwordless registration
  • Unlimited hierarchy
  • About half of deposited money goes to random members
  • New members that do not follow referral links become referrals of random members
  • Automatic payouts when member's income hits the threshold (0.021 btc)
  • All the pyramid info (payments, withdrawals, database backups) is published on the site
  • Due to previous 2 features, there is almost nothing to hack!


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