Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You can now buy Gigs on Fiverr® with Bitcoins

Starting today, you can buy Gigs® on Fiverr® with Bitcoin!
To make this happen, Fiverr has partnered with Coinbase, a popular Bitcoin wallet, to give you the option of buying Gigs with Bitcoins.

Here’s How it Works
Once you’ve placed your order by clicking the “Order Now” button, select Bitcoin as your payment option. Transactions will be processed through Coinbase, however the Bitcoins can come from any source. Payments will be settled in US dollars.

Bitcoins on Fiverr

Please note that you must be logged into your Fiverr account on the Fiverr website. Bitcoin is not currently supported on the Fiverr App, but will be soon.

On the seller side, it’s business as usual. Revenue is earned and withdrawn in US dollars. The option to withdraw revenue in Bitcoin is currently not available on Fiverr.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cannabis Seed Affiliate Program now accepting Bitcoins as a payment method

Bitcoin Cannabis Seed Affiliate Program

Join the Cannabis Seed multi-tier affiliate program today and start enjoying juicy commission payments every month! Recommended Features
  • 20% Commissions
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Related to Cannabis Seed Affiliate Program

The Cannabis Seed are now accepting Bitcoins as a discreet, online, payment method. To pay for your purchase using Bitcoins, complete your order as normal you will then be able to use your smart phone to capture the QR code or if you are using a PC simply click the "Pay with Bitcoins button".

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bitcoin Unveiled - the Best Guide to Bitcoin

Interested in Bitcoin?

Maybe you heard about Bitcoin in a newspaper or on television. Are you curious about Bitcoin but not sure where to learn more? You need Bitcoin Unveiled.

Bitcoin Unveiled

The Best Guide to Bitcoin

In just 50 pages, Bitcoin Unveiled effectively conveys useful knowledge to help familiarize yourself with Bitcoin. Topics covered include the history of Bitcoin, mining rigs, and much more. In addition, useful charts and graphs are included.

Bitcoin Unveiled

Free Sample

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

First Big Bitcoin Downline Builder - Earn Bitcoins Every Day

Everybody wants to get in on the Bitcoin craze, and now here's a way that you can earn Bitcoins AND build big downlines so that you can earn from your referrals, too!!

Introducing the Bitcoin Downline Builder!!

Find Bitcoin earning programs, many that pay within minutes, and build your downlines in all of them!  More refferals equals more bitcoins!

Join today and get TENS OF THOUSANDS of free advertising credits at some of the best safelists, viral mailers, and traffic exchanges online!

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Bitcoin Unleashed: Learn how to PROFIT from this 21st century gold rush

When Bitcoin breached the $1,000 USD mark, people compared it to Tulip Mania, saying that bitcoins aren’t worth the money that they aren’t printed on.

They are wrong.

Bitcoin is still in a pre-early adoption stage; its current price is no where near where it will be when the world discovers the vast applications of this new technology. The financial system as we know it will soon become a thing of the past.

What will banks be needed for? Their traditional function of keeping money secure is already built into the Bitcoin system (as long as simple precautions are taken). Banks’ and credit cards’ role as payment processors will become an unnecessary redundancy, as bitcoins can be transferred at much lower fees. What about loans? Capital can be accumulated using bitcoin much more efficiently with P2P technology.

Yes, it is a payment system, but it is also much more than that. The Bitcoin system will heavily mitigate the need for lawyers and accountants because of its reduction in need for third parties. If you buy, say, a land title in bitcoin the transaction will be part of the public ledger, making a public bureaucrat shifting papers in filing cabinets irrelevant. And that’s just the beginning.

This technology’s eventual effect on society has been compared to that of the combustion engine.

Make no mistake about it: the purchasing power of bitcoin is massively undervalued, making it a very attractive long-term investment. However, it is also very volatile, which is to be expected.

To help people maximize their gains with bitcoin, we have written a guide that explains the best strategies in how to make the most out of these fluctuations: when to buy, when to sell, as well as personal consultation to help you meet your investment goals.

In addition, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in which we will refund your purchase price if you aren’t completely satisfied with our guide.

Bitcoin Unleashed!
Bitcoin Unleashed 

The Ultimate Bitcoin Guide for Affiliate Marketers
Learn how to PROFIT from this 21st century gold rush!

Bitcoin Unleashed!

Bitcoin Bank Germany